About Me

kotatakayama kotatakayamabike



特にろう・難聴児、者のメンタルヘルスや心理臨床、精神保健手話通訳実践、Solution-Focused Approach、スクールソーシャルワーク実践、危機介入 が専門領域です。これらの領域を中心に講師やコンサルテーションも提供しています。





I am Japanese Deaf and a faculty coordinator of School Social Work Specialization in the Department of Social Work at Gallaudet University in the United States of America.

My specialization includes mental health for Deaf and Hard-of -Hearing populations, psychotherapy, mental health sign language interpreting, solution focused approach, school social work practice, and crisis intervention. I provide training and consultation on these topics.

I was, over 10 years, a clinical psychotherapist and school social worker of Deaf schools and Deaf community agency in Japan.I am also an adjunct instructor at Japan College of Social Work in Tokyo, Japan, teaching social work course.